Situated in Greenwood, Delaware, Sultana Stables prides ourselves on being a "family tradition" since 1972. Three sisters, husbands, children and of course, the rock of the Gray's,

Ruth Ann herself, train, manage and care for 22 horses and their owners. They keep 10-12 horses in full training at any given time and several lesson horses for local shows and the lesson program. Several foals are born at Sultana each year which keeps new blood coming in.  At present, with a non-stop schedule, the Sultana Stables team is regularly knocking off regional titles and increasingly turning to national shows.

Jamie knows what it takes to be successful in top competition, because she’s done it since her childhood, but she does not discount the importance of their role in developing a solid contingent at the local and regional levels.



"As the Sultana Stables website will tell you, Jamie Gray has had state, regional and national champions in hunter, western, English, halter and equitation, and she’s worked with Quarter Horses, Paints, Warmbloods and Morgans. You learn something from all of them, she says, but her heart is in Arabians—always has been, all the way back to when she was a child and her parents, schoolteachers Gary and Ruth Ann Gray, fell in love with the breed. The name of their farm, which dates to the 1960s, refers to the desert horses: “Sultana” is a term for the sultan’s wife and a tribute to Ruth Ann. Gary Gray died prematurely in 1992, when Jamie was 13, Jody had just graduated from high school, and youngest sister Jennifer was 10. They were all avid horsewomen, and running the horse operation with their mother helped them through the loss. “My girls are the strings that kept my heart together,” Ruth Ann Gray says today. Then as now, the family effort worked. Over the transitional years—when Jody became a schoolteacher, running the lesson program in the evening and on weekends, Jamie trained, built her resume and came home, and Jennifer managed the farm, married and had children—the business strengthened its reputation. In 2005, the Grays purchased land in Greenwood, Del., 30 miles south of Dover, and set up the property that is home to Sultana Stables today.


Now in her mid-30s, Gray offers an impressive background. She grew up on her family’s farm, her youth packed with 4-H activities, “hundreds” of horse shows, endless lessons and an intense study of judging horses. When she graduated from high school, dreaming of becoming an Arabian horse trainer, she hired on with a succession of the breed’s marquee

names for more experience, including Cathy Vincent, Mary Trowbridge, Gordon Potts, Tom Scott, Liz Bentley, Tommy Garland and

Jim Stachowski.


Continuing with the family, sister Jenn works at the farm during the day, watching the overall management and preparing horses for Jamie’s training. Her husband, Daniel Grant, oversees

farm maintenance (in addition to his non-equine career), and their three children are budding equestrians, the third generation in the family, which delights their grandmother. Ruth Ann, who still teaches, is in charge of the business aspect of the operation and shows as an amateur. “I take lessons from Jamie,” she reports, “and we laugh because

she’s like a little drill sergeant when it comes to the horses!” All of the Gray women own records that include regional and national titles."


~ Excerpt from "The Unsinkable" featured in the Arabian Horse Times.

By Mary Kirkland Click HERE to read the full story

Gary and Ruth Ann Gray and

their 1st Arabian, Reis Zariff+++

The Gray family

Pari+++ (USN TT in HA Halter,

Driving and Park) and Gettison+

(Gelding triathlon winner)


Gary Gray and Bonfire Beauty

Multi HA English Champion

Gary Gray and Gettison+

Gary Gray and family at the retirement party for Reis Zariff+++

Gary Gray with FA Infactuation

(by High Jack)

HA Halter Mare

Scottsdale Champion

Gary Gray with sydicated stallion

MHR Eleganck (by *Elimar)

Gary Gray with Jennifer

on Peanuts the THE UNDISPUTED

champion Leadline 1976-1985

Gary Gray with Half-Arabian Samburu Star at an open house with 300 people. One of the many open house hosted

by Sultana Stables


Sultana Stables consists of:

17 10x12 stalls

3 12x12 stalls

Groom room

Wash rack

Tack room

Indoor  Arena

Lounge and Bathroom

*All under one climate controlled environment

Round pen and plenty of turn out paddocks are available as well.





Established in 1972. Sultana Stables remains

a family affair. We hold state, regional and national champions in hunter, western, English, halter and equitation, and we've worked with Quarter Horses, Paints, Warmbloods and Morgans. You learn something from all of them,but our hearts

are in Arabians.


14974 Adams Road

Greenwood, DE 19949

Barn: (302) 439-4344

Jody Everton: (302) 423-8854

Jamie Gray-Cuomo: (302) 423-8852



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